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We’re passionate about giving you an amazing experience!

We Just Love Food. We are all about creating an experience for our customers. Each menu item is infused with it's own unique taste bursting with great flavour.

Since our launch we’ve been geared towards placing a smile on the face of each and every one of our customers one meal and one beverage at a time.

We Make & Kraven Delivers!

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Variety of

We have a wide array of mouth watering dishes guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Fast Casual Dining

We make it a point to produce great food in a timely fashion whether or not if you are your lunch break or you decide to dine-in. Good quality food in good quality time is our goal.


Our journey starts way back in 2015


We opened our doors on November 4th, 2021 with the intentions of creating an amazing out of city experience in the heart of the city of Nassau, The Bahamas.  Located on Shirley Street immediately next to Doctors Hospital, we are all about creating long lasting memories.  As we grow, we want you to grow with us.  


“The dream, the thought, the idea of creating a dining experience by transforming a double decker bus was simply a figment of my imagination.  It took a lot of late nights and a lot of praying that it would all come together the way it should,” says owner and proprietor Keevon Maynard.  Back in 2015 overworked and underpaid as an Attorney, Keevon decided to take a leap of faith and on faith he began the journey to create this unique masterpiece.  After discussing his dreams with a friend he decided to quit his job as an attorney, take a pivot with minimal resources and pursue what he describes as “a vision from God”.  He took a trip to the United Kingdom, found the perfect double decker bus and the rest is history.  Since November 4th, 2021, 2 Storeys stands today as one of the most uniquely premier dining experiences in The Bahamas.  

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2 Storeys Catering, Shirley Street, East St, Nassau